Broad-based specialist skills


Medikus offers corporate health care and health checks to companies in Gothenburg and the surrounding areas. We focus on offering you and your co-workers the best possible care and ensuring that we always give our patients a friendly, professional reception.


On your first visit, you will be given a thorough health check. We can either conduct the health check at your company or at our clinic. We take blood tests, an ECG and ask you to perform a working ECG and a simultaneous fitness test, all of which will subsequently form part of your health profile. This then forms the basis of our advice and recommendations to you. It goes without saying that your first tests are followed up continuously or when necessary, depending on the circumstances. On every visit, you will meet a doctor. Our overall aim is to ensure that your corporate health care is top class.


Our corporate health physicians are always on hand to deal with illnesses, regardless of how acute they are. Our network also includes orthopaedic specialists, psychologists and physiotherapists. The cost of work-related illnesses is deductible. Visits relating to work-related illnesses are made to Dr Maurice Westerlund, who also helps with rehabilitation to enable employees to return to work as quickly as possible. Visits to Dr Maurice Westerlund, corporate health care/private health care, cost SEK 1,500 (no VAT for health care, VAT is added for preventive measures).

Rehabilitation visits have a different tariff.

Medikus is also able to provide a systematic work environment programme (SAM) and statutory assessments according to the Swedish Work Environment Authority (AFS).


Medikus is able to offer your company top-quality health care thanks to our dedicated staff and their broad-based collective experience. We also issue health certificates for different occupations and leisure interests. Together with our business partners, we are also able to offer corporate health care via partners in Stockholm, in addition to Gothenburg.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our health-care services within corporate health care in Gothenburg! Call us on 46(0)31 40 27 28 or send an e-mail to: You can also complete our contact form and we will then contact you.