At Medikus, you are guaranteed a personal reception and service, with you as the focal point.

With us, you will always feel safe and secure, with our experienced health-care staff.

Both private individuals and companies are welcome here to undergo health checks. We also perform full health controls and issue certificates for people involved in the naval and

offshore sectors, as well as issuing all the certificates that are needed for flying and diving, together with any certificates that may be required by the Swedish Work Environment Authority (AFS). We are the only doctors in Sweden to issue all certificates associated with offshore work. You can read more about our areas of expertise below.


We offer complete corporate health care, with health checks that can take place at our clinic or at your workplace in Gothenburg and the surrounding areas. We also conduct health profiles and CPR training.

Corporate health care
Health checks for companies
Health checks at your workplace
CPR training
Health profiles
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Private individuals are also welcome for health checks at our clinic.
Here are the links to some of our services:
Doctor’s clinic
Sports medicine
Health checks

If you would to ask any questions or find out more about our prices, please do not hesitate to call us on +46(0)31 40 27 28 or mail us at You can also complete our contact form and we will get in touch as quickly as we possibly can. You would be most welcome to visit the

Medikus medical clinic and corporate health-care centre in Gothenburg.

Maurice Westerlund

Maurice Westerlund

MD. Company medical officer. Specialist in internal medicine, general medicine, sports medicine, diving medicine, aeromedicine, anaesthesiology and intensive care. Certified physical education instructor. Aerospace physician.

Elisabeth Westerlund

Elisabeth Westerlund

MD. Specialist in internal medicine, general medicine, sports medicine and diving medicine. Company medical officer.