Medical care

We also offer health care to our corporate customers.

Your company is able to deduct the cost of work-related illnesses. Visits associated with work-related illnesses are made to Dr Maurice Westerlund, who also assists with rehabilitation to ensure a faster return to work.

Visits to Dr Maurice Westerlund, corporate health care/private health care, cost SEK 1,500 (no VAT on medical care, VAT is added to preventive care).
Rehabilitation meetings have a separate tariff.

Other medical care, such as blood pressure checks and infections, is the responsibility of Dr Elisabeth Westerlund, who has an agreement with the Västra Götaland Region (VGR). A visit to Dr Elisabeth Westerlund costs SEK 300 and this sum is included in the cost of a free health-care card.

If you have a private health insurance, you can use it if you like.
Insurance company approval is required before visiting Medikus.

Please feel free to call us on +46 (0)31 402728 or e-mail us at

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