Nutritional advice

Individual counselling 
General advice on the food that makes the body feel good. How can you adapt your eating habits to work, children, lifestyle and possible illness? This counselling is adapted to individual needs.

Dietary programme
This programme lasts for a year and analyses what you eat and why in more detail. You keep a food diary for a week and this gives us an idea of what you eat and drink and when. We set individual targets that are adapted to your ability and your needs. Lifestyle changes are made in the longer term. This is not a “quick fix”; we work on long-term, permanent targets. Read more about our dietary programme under Membership.

Food and exercise
We help you with a dietary programme that gives you greater knowledge and awareness of how your diet impacts your training and sporting performance. Keeping a food diary combined with counselling teaches you how you should eat to feel better, avoid injuries and perform to your maximum whenever necessary.

Our cookery courses are based on the Doctor Gourmet concept and are led by one or more professional chefs with many years’ experience of the restaurant world and course programmes.

Everyday food
We learn to cook healthy, simple, tasty food with finesse. This course is designed to provide an understanding of the impact food has on the body and how we feel depending on what we eat.

Gourmet evenings
Gourmet food does not need to contain large amounts of butter and cream. We learn techniques that make food taste really special. We also learn how to serve food artistically and raise it to a new level.

Family cooking
Children and their parents cook together. We focus on teaching children to cook and increasing the positive relationship between children and their parents while cooking and sitting down to eat.

Dr Maurice Westerlund has won the prestigious Swedish cookery competition, “The cooking doctor”, and his knowledge and understanding of healthy gourmet food has been featured in a number of TV programmes.