Take years off your age!

There is evidence to prove that a well-adapted exercise and nutrition programme can reduce your physical age by as much as 15-20 years. If you are interested in our fitness programmes, we can tailor programmes in which the training takes place individually or in groups. We offer different activities that cover everything from circle training and pole walking to tennis and bodybuilding. Some groups train to realise joint targets, such as the Gothenburg Half-Marathon and the Vasa Ski Race for Women. We always recommend our extended health check before any training begins. 

An important part of a healthier lifestyle involves understanding how the body functions and the needs it has. We give lectures and organise training/education courses that include the risk factors for cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diet, exercise, stress, sports medicine and so on. We organise cookery courses that do not simply provide practical knowledge when it comes to preparing healthy everyday and gourmet food. The theory section also teaches you to select the right raw materials/ingredients from the current range of light products.