Health checks

At Medikus in Gothenburg, we can help you with health checks and health examinations under the management of qualified physicians. In addition to our standard health check, we offer an extended health check, during which we conduct working tests, in addition to blood tests for prostate cancer, PSA, for men aged 50 and over and thyroid hormone tests, TSH, for women aged 50 and over. A health check includes blood pressure tests, resting ECG and Hb (haemoglobin) values. All our examinations are led by doctors and our measurements and analyses are always extremely detailed.

A full health check comprises a medical examination, blood pressure, resting ECG, pulmonary function, vision and hearing tests. We also conduct blood tests, which comprise Hb (haemoglobin) values, blood sugar, liver function and cholesterol.

We also offer an extended health check for people aged 40 and over who exercise a great deal. This check includes a physical fitness check using a bicycle ergometer test and a simultaneous electrocardiographic exercise test (exercise ECG). This gives us a more detailed assessment of your heart, as well as measuring your fitness and oxygen uptake capacity. A blood sample for prostate cancer, PSA, is taken in men aged 50+, while women aged 50 and over undergo a thyroid hormone test, TSH.

You also undergo a body analysis using our advanced Tanita weighing equipment. This tells you your body fat percentage, fat mass and muscle mass, as well as your basic metabolism (BMR) and metabolic age. This health check is also suitable for people who are considering starting to exercise.

We also perform health checks at companies in Gothenburg and the surrounding areas. Would you like us to come and perform health checks at your workplace? Don’t wait! Call us or book an appointment using our contact form.

In the event of a missed visit or a cancellation less than 24 hours before an appointment, the full fee will be debited.

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